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During 2021, a new sheltered work area was created and developed through 2022, where residents and day workers with different levels of functioning can carry out the different tasks in respect of a given line function.

Line Function is therefore composed of different components of tasks that in the end compose a final product. These tasks can range from basic, average, and to complex tasks that can be done by low, medium, and higher-functioning residents and day workers. Everyone does a task that suits them and that they enjoy, and thereby recognition, self-worth, and pride are created that add quality to their lives.

We were pleasantly surprised that this work area could make a financial contribution to our annual Fête (Kermis) for 2022. They were responsible for handmade Christmas decorations and Christmas cookies that were for sale at the fête. Next year we will expand the Christmas table.

Internally, this work area is also supportive to other departments in Huis Horison, and can provide services for external clients, especially of a recurring nature, e.g. packing and folding.

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