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Our approach is that the lives of all our residents are precious. Over and above accommodation, food, clothing and medication, they also need all the other things required for a meaningful life – such as acknowledgement, human dignity and hope. We cannot follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Hence, individual attention and a client-centered approach are key. This requires a team effort from everyone involved – including the staff members, parents, volunteers and the business sector.

For each person in our care to come into his or her own, we have to comply with the highest standards in the performance of our duty. These standards are underpinned by our values, vision and mission, and also apply to our financial management, including compliance with all the relevant legislation and regulations. Horizon House is a non-profit institution responsible for its own funding. This calls for financial accountability, sustainable funding and liaison with all stakeholder groups.

We are humble and yet proud of our identity and what we have achieved, and we strive to instil this sense of pride and identity in all the relevant parties, using the following values as our point of departure:

We believe each person is a unique creation with value, status and preciousness. Hence, each person has the right to unconditional acknowledgement and respect. As a result,

  • we are a non-racial, non-sexist institution with a Christian character which fully acknowledges freedom of religion
  • we strive towards fully preserving the rights, freedom and obligations which are also meant for the disabled
  • we acknowledge that we will under no circumstances allow a lessened responsibility towards the humanity of the disabled
  • we regard the group in our care as the most important people at the centre.

We believe that each person experiences his or her humanity in relationships and responds in a unique way. As a result,

  • we strive to create the character of a balanced parental home at Horizon
  • House to allow people to experience happiness, warmth and security
    we welcome responsible religious involvement and attention to the group in our care
  • we strive towards optimal personal and social development of each person in our care group
  • we strive towards healthy contact between the care group and nature.

We believe that each person, in the inviolable unity of his/her being, experiences multiple dimensions of life. These dimensions of life are interrelated and play a role in the overall quality of life of each person. As a result,

  • we strive towards an holistic approach which acknowledges the importance of all facets of life. This includes spiritual, personal and social aspects as well as bodily facets such as nourishment, health, hygiene, sexuality, labour, aesthetics, creativity, culture and sport
  • we acknowledge that no life dimensions should be seen in isolation from the whole

We believe that the uniqueness of people is also present in their focus on the future and in their ability to change and improve. As a result,

  • we strive towards the optimal development of all growth potential to allow for increased independence
  • we acknowledge the positive value of the dreams, hopes, expectations, improvement and self-actualisation of each person.

To do justice to the above-mentioned values, we believe that we should comply with the highest standards. These standards include:

  • Professional conduct
  • Ethical and moral integrity
  • A transparent and participative management style
  • Positive teamwork and mutual respect
  • Stringent financial management
  • The optimal utilisation of the abilities of those involved
  • Sincere cooperation with parents and guardians
  • Participation, involvement and ownership by all people involved
  • Cooperation with other institutions in the interests of Horizon House.

To be a clear beacon of hope for people with a primary intellectual disability as well as their parents and friends.

To optimally satisfy the need to care for people with a primary intellectual disability from all communities

To provide the people in our care with a permanent home where they can achieve their full potential.

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