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A home for those with a primary intellectual disability
Horizon House is a residential and sheltered-employment centre in Stellenbosch specialising in the holistic care of people with a primary intellectual disability. Established in 1974, the centre is located on a smallholding on the slopes of Papegaaiberg Mountain on the outskirts of the town. The centre can house and care for 102 people. We provide employment to all the residents as well as 30 day workers.

The residents need caring, growth, self-esteem, socialising and relationships. Like all of us, they too, have dreams of things they would like to do. But they are vulnerable and that is why they require a safe environment in which they can come into their own.

Development and work go hand in hand. That is why the residents join one of nine work areas based on their intellectual abilities and interests. This allows them to make a meaningful contribution through sewing, recycling, repair work, cooking, gardening or something else in a sheltered environment. At the same time, the work areas offer therapeutic value and all the benefits of a proper job – servitude, recognition, pride, self-esteem, companionship, quality of life and hope. Day workers from the area also join the residents.

Holistic and client-centered service and support is provided by Horizon House’s staff members, instructors, medical staff and a social worker. We also take care of their recreational and spiritual needs as well as personal development. And we support their parents and families.

Horizon House is a non-profit Section 21 company responsible for its own funding. In order to run a financially sustainable centre and to ensure our continued existence, we have to supplement our income via donations, sales, fundraising, events and bequests. That is why we rely on the support of families and the goodwill of the community, and why close collaboration with our stakeholders is all important.

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