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Huis Horison has two guest rooms that can be rented for short term stays. Our guest rooms are on ground level and extremely suitable for someone traveling who wants to experience the tranquility of nature.

Initially, these rooms were made available for pilgrims on the The Pilgrimage of Hope. These routes currently start either in Stellenbosch or in Robertson and tell stories of pioneer farmers and their slaves, of prisoners of war building roads, and of the region’s first inhabitants living in caves along the coast. This pilgrimage, which has the southernmost tip of Africa at Agulhas as its final destination, can also be called a journey of hope and serve as a prayer for our continent. Pilgrims are asked to pray Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God bless Africa) upon reaching the southern tip of Africa, committing themselves to bring hope to Africa.

Bookings are not limited to pilgrims, and can be booked by the general public. Guests live with our residents in the residential units and become so, for the day or two that they remain, part of our Village. Experience the spiritual togetherness of being human like this unpretentious, sincere and despite great challenges in their life, looking life in the eye and laughing and crying together, work and play. . . and take this experience with you own journey of Hope.

Please contact to enquire.


Guest Room No. 107

2 x single beds


Double Room in residential unit (2 single beds) – R600 per night


Guest Room No. 108

1 x ¾ Bed


Single Room in residential unit (3/4 bed) – R400 per night

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