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A range of work areas
The residents join one of nine work teams with supervision, based on their levels of functioning and interests. These work areas provide therapeutic value along with all the benefits of a proper job – servitude, acknowledgement, pride, self-esteem, companionship, quality of life and hope.

Intellectually disabled day workers from the area also join the teams. The working day starts at 09:00 and ends at 16:30, and this includes lunch and breaks. The services and products that are sold provide an important income stream to Horizon House and its residents.

All the work-area teams receive continuous training to perform their daily duties independently in addition to acquiring a range of life skills.

External employment
Some of the residents are employed by businesses in the area.

Arts and Crafts

Sewing remains an old favourite, and the Handwork team produces a range of quality items such as quilts and bedding, throws, knitted items, toys, kitchen smalls and many more. Each piece is unique.

The Studio is home to the creative team, who you will find hard at work on an array of colourful and arty projects, including mosaic work, quilting, decorating old suitcases and doing wonderfully creative things with unwanted items.

Visit us to see the range of items on offer or contact for more information.


The bakery has become synonymous with Horizon House, with a range of rusks and biscuits that are produced right here at the centre, and available for sale to the public.

The bakery was created years ago when Annie de Klerk saw an opportunity for starting a bakery as a work area. With inputs from Tannie Alta, they developed the recipes for a range of rusks and biscuits.

Our new bakery instructor, Lizzy Skippers, has embraced the opportunity to make a few refinements, develop her new recipes, and introduce fresh ideas to the offering, especially during the lockdown. We are proud to share these with you.

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We also bake custom or bulk orders and supply to guest houses. Please contact Crystal Colville at for more information.


This team does magic by restoring and repairing furniture. This includes matting, riempie work, sanding down and varnishing wooden furniture.

For furniture repairs, feel free to bring your broken furniture and we will quote you on the repairs. Open weekdays 09:00 – 16:00

Please contact Francois Burrows for further information.

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Garden and Estate Services

This group, fondly known as “The Green Team”, is constantly busy in the gardens and across the estate, and takes responsibility for all aspects of the gardens and grounds around the centre.


This group prepares meals for the residents and keeps the kitchen and dining-room clean and tidy. They also undergo training to prepare refreshments for meetings and internal functions or catering.


The laundry team are alway busy. They fulfill an important function, taking care of all the washing and ironing of the centre and its residents.


Our maintenance team helps with the repair work and the maintenance of the buildings and grounds whether it be small or big.

They also do preventative maintenance to keep the premises in tip top condition.


The heart of Horizon House is green. 

Our recycling team sorts cardboardpaper and glass. We appeal to homes and businesses to send us their recycling, which includes office paper, boxes, newspaper, old books and magazines.

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Cleaning services

No job is too big or small, and everyone has an important role. Our cleaning team takes on a critical function of cleaning the offices and communal areas, and keeping the premises neat and tidy.

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