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Horizon House is situated in a beautiful area and it is important for us to make use of the entire area and to develop it with due consideration.

One of our challenges revolves around the removal of the alien vegetation whilst nurturing useful and indigenous plants.

Ecologist Altus de Wet recently visited Horizon House and analyzed the plant life, giving us noteworthy feedback with regards to identifying and managing alien trees and other vegetation.

Earlier this year, the Stellenbosch Municipality allocated the greenbelt adjacent to the property to Horizon House, to manage and incorporate into its long-term vision to be used for the benefit our residents and other people with disabilities. It does, however, bear great responsibility and to take care of, and fence in the vast grounds will be at a great expense.

We invite members of the community to get involved in any capacity in this massive project, and to help us create a safe and natural environment for our residents and people with disabilities.

Click here to read the November 2020 newsletter.

If you would like to get involved, please contact

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