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Huis Horison’s Boccia players participated in the Special Olympics South Africa in Limpopo from 16-20 Nov, and returned with quite a few awards.

Mark Reeves (left) participation medal, Anthea Hotz (2nd from left) – Bronze, Desmond Laminie (3rd from left) – Gold and Melanie Stevens (right) – Silver. Esmerelda Botha was named the Best Bocce Coach in the Western Cape.

We are very proud of them!

Boccia is a simple game that finds its roots in ancient Rome and 2,500 years later, is still popular with people of all ages. The game was played by emperors, admirals, generals, poets, sculptors, scientists and popes.

The name boccia is derived from the Latin bottia, meaning “boss”. From Caesar Augustus to Galileo Galilei, Italians throughout history have always heralded the sport for its athletic qualities and spirit of competition to rejuvenate the body. Playing boccia was also thought to effectively cure arthritis and rheumatism.

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