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We are planting trees!

With funding from Investec CSI in April this year, Horizon House was able to purchase 70 trees and  supports. This included Cunonia Capensis, Combretum Erythrophyllum, Searsia Chirindensis, Syzygium Cordatum, Curtisia Dentata and Ekebergia Capensis.

We could immediately set to work with the layout of the first part of what will become a “forest path”. It is located close to the main entrance, where it is easily accessible to our residents. It has been shown that when humans spend time in a natural setting, especially under the canopy of a forest, they experience rejuvenating benefits to the mind, body, and spirit, which lead to decreased anxiety, depression, and anger.

On 22 April 2022,  Earth Day, the whole centre congregated and everyone, including residents, day workers and staff, had the opportunity to help plant the trees. Each person gladly received a stamp to confirm their participation and add to the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

When completed, this path will be wheelchair-friendly and be decorated with mosaic steppingstones that are being created by the residents and staff at the centre.

We are also excited to have the wonderful support of Intelligro, who has pledged their support for another 150 trees – a variety of indigenous and fruit trees – to be planted at Horizon House during Arbour week on 1 September. Their company will be making a day of it and getting their hands dirty by volunteering to plant the trees on the day. We are so grateful for their support and involvement!

Lastly, we will be creating a Garden of Remembrance for residents who have been part of Horizon House for 15 years or longer. Each person will have a tree planted in their memory, together with a ceremony and blessing. Any donations towards trees, or donation of trees (20l or larger) towards a specific resident will be welcomed. The tree planting ceremony will take place in September.

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