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Through the removal of alien vegetation, our goal is to restore and protect the environment by planting indigenous trees and plants.

Twenty trees have already been planted and another 70 trees have been acquired thanks to funding from Investec CSI, which will be planted soon.

The aim with the establishing of the trees on the top walkway, is to create a feeling of a ‘forest’ to which residents can have easy access. As they can easily get oin touch with a natural environment, the area can already form part of the Ecotherapy programmes. The route is planned to be wheelchair accessible.

Vegetables are harvested virtually weekly, and supplied to the kitchen. We have already donated extra vegetables, for instance a donation of 40 bunches of spinach to the Stellenbosch Work Centre.

The green waste is processed into woodchips which are then applied for internal use on beddings and the walking route.  In addition, we have increased our composting from three to seven compost sites.

Woodchips are also now available for the public and can be purchased in 30dm and 50dm bags . 

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With the first Kuier & Koop market at Horizon House on 25 March, all the vegetables were snatched up quickly, such as spinach, pumpkins, greenpeppers and beetroot. Our team also sold various plants that has been grown here.

Be sure to make a note of the upcoming market dates in 2022:

  •  Soetes & Sop op Friday 10 June 12:00 – 15:00
  • Kuier en Koop Friday 16 September 12:00 – 15:00
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