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After more than two years of consultation and revisiting of the project specifications, the donation to install our solar system was granted. We are very grateful for this huge contribution by one of our main sponsors. Construction of the building required to house the inverters and batteries started in August. Building was done by our in-house team and saved massively on costs. Installation of solar panels commenced in September and the system was switched on at exactly 14:59 on 01 November 2023 and except for a few minor teething problems, it has been the power behind Huis Horison ever since. The positive impact this has already had on the quality of life of our residents, who depend on the daily routine in the work areas, residence, dining hall and laundry, cannot be measured in monetary terms.

The system consists of:
Inverter: 150kw
Battery: 240kwk
Solar panels: 100kw

And one month down the line it managed to carry us through a stage 6 load shedding schedule. All that remains to be said is . . . . “Bring it on Eskom!”

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