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Dear Friends and Families

Kobus “Doppies” Geldenhuys loves the sun.You will usually find him in the toasty spot on the northern side of the ‘Jasmine’ living quarters, hard at work restoring a cane or riempie-seat chair. Kobus has been happily living at Horizon House for over 40 years.  He is not interested in retiring as he loves the daily woodwork and furniture restorations that keep him busy.

In fact, you wouldn’t think  that he  is already 60 – he is young at heart  with twinkling, animated eyes – especially when on the topic of rugby. His great passion, right from childhood, has always been rugby.His dream had been to play for the Springboks, and  he still admires the legends such as Morné du Plessis and Eben Etzebeth.

As a youngster he had  the opportunity to play some rugby, but that was short-lived, as, by the age of 24, a leg injury  led to the end of his rugby-playing days. He still remained involved as a team helper and a water boy at the local matches. Nowadays he is an avid supporter and always ensures that he has a ticket when a big match is played at Coetzenburg.

He is known as “Doppies” by his friends and he chuckles when he recalls how he got his nickname. As a young man,being the helpful chap he is, he went out of his way to collect bottle tops for a project  for a family friend. His collection efforts, especially at the Van der Stel Rugby Club, had him arrive at Horizon House with bags and bags full of bottle tops (“doppies”) and it didn’t take long for his friends to bestow him with his new title, which stuck to this day.

Kobus has a sister who lives in Somerset Wes, she is his only family. He works and resides at Horizon House. This is his home. He loves being outdoors and still jogs regularly. His friends know him as a bit of a tease, but enjoy his insatiable sense of humor. Over the years he has grown with the centre, and he  is positive about change, including the new building. He sees the beauty in life and he is a good-natured and unpretentious person.

Kobus is but one of the intellectually disabled persons  who can cherish the opportunity to live a dignified life in the sheltered village of Horison House. He is also one of the residents who do  not have another refuge during the worldwide “Covid-19” pandemic, patiently waiting in the safe care are Horizon House for things to return to normal.


Despite the unusual circumstances, our work continues, and as a non-profit organization we rely on the support and contributions from our community. We cannot currently receive visitors, volunteers or donations of goods, but we do welcome any donations. There are various ways that you can help, and current technology allows you to contribute once off, or monthly, with one click. You can also:

  • Set Horizon House as a beneficiary on your MySchool card
  • Tell a friend or colleague about Horizon House
  • Follow us on Facebook

The Horizon community thanks you greatly for your interest and valuable involvement. We wish you, and your loved ones, peace and good health in these challenging  times.

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Yours sincerely,

Elza C Bresler
Executive Director

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