Horizon House provides a safe infrastructure for people with primary intellectual disabilities in which to live, work and socialise.

Day workers follow the same programmes as residents, but do not stay on the premises and only take part in activities from 08:00 – 17:00. This includes the provision of breakfast and lunch.

Parents or family members usually buy usufruct in a residential unit. Accommodation options range from flats to single rooms, with most of the latter featuring a small en suite bathroom. Provision is also made for married couples. Three meals per day, based on dietary preferences, are enjoyed in the communal dining room.

For information on admission requirements, rates, house rules and the application process, kindly
contact Horizon House

Day Programme
A daily programme is followed, which creates a structure to daily activities. Mealtimes, work in therapeutic work areas, resting times, and recreation are part of the daily rhythm.

The programme also incorporates group training, techniques and intervention by the therapeutic team to ensure optimal development of each individual and the acquisition of necessary life skills. These include life skills and social skills such as communication, conflict resolution, diversity, the use of social media, personal care, and resilience, to name a few.

Socialising, sports and outdoor activities form an important part of the residents’ daily lives.  Residents have the opportunities to participate in swimming, athletics, line dancing, bocce (mini bowling), hiking, cycling and other types of sports. Friends and family are encouraged to visit the residents and to take them on outings. To do this, they need to obtain prior written permission from the parents or family and make the necessary arrangements with Horizon House.

Sport: The Centre is built on a plot of 12,5 hectares, and it has a swimming pool and beautiful gardens with walk-ways. Programmes to promote a healthy lifestyle include health and fitness groups, walking groups, exercise sessions in the gym and pool, and low impact groups.

Other pastimes: Each residence has a lounge where residents can watch TV and relax. They also have communal pool tables. Favourite activities include dancing, music, singing, reading and playing pool. Birthdays are high on the social calendar and every effort is made for a person to feel special on their birthday. We also encourage relaxed and creative personal recreation.

Spiritual support: Spiritual growth is encouraged, and morning devotion and church involvement provided by various religious denominations.

Outdoor activities: We arrange outings in nature and we help residents to attend concerts, rugby and other events.