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The activities at Horizon House are focused on a holistic and client-centred service. The centre:

  • Offers residents appropriate accommodation and care
  • Offers training and job-creation in sheltered work areas
  • Takes care of the residents’ emotional well-being, spiritual growth, recreation and sports development.

We offer a safe environment in which adults with different levels of functioning can live together meaningfully like an extended family, and where they can work, socialise and relax. We therefore provide:

Residential accommodation: Accommodation ranges from rooms to flats, and includes units for married couples. Every day, three meals are served in the dining room. Parents or family members usually buy usufruct in a residential unit.

Jobs for residents: Nine work areas provide jobs to the residents and day workers according to their abilities and interests – from arts and crafts to cooking, recycling, gardening and maintenance.

Jobs for day workers: We accommodate two categories of day workers. The one group joins the work areas from 08:00 to 16:30 and also enjoys lunch with the residents, while the second group joins the work teams from 09:00 to 16:30. This group bring their own lunch.

Support services: These are provided by the full-time and part-time staff members of Horizon House as well as by instructors, medical staff and a social worker. Specialist services are obtained from outside sources according to the residents’ needs.

Recreation and spiritual support: We encourage residents to socialise and to take part in sports, spiritual activities and outdoor events.

Support to families: We offer support and information to parents and families. This leads to a better understanding and cooperation to the benefit of everyone involved.

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