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The priorities for the future of Horizon House are as follows:


  • Ensuring financial sustainability and security
  • Facilitating sustainable development so that our residents with a primary intellectual disability can receive holistic care from early adult stage to the end of their lives
  • Restoring the environment and facilitating the comprehensive development of the land
  • Involving the entire community in all aspects of the centre
  • Taking care of the general welfare and developing a positive lifestyle for the residents
  • Developing and optimising the work areas and the residents’ life skills.

We invite you to become part of the long-term vision and pledge your involvement in any one of the below projects.


To get involved or for more information, please contact

Horizon House is based on the edge of a residential neighbourhood, bordering on the surrounding farms.  The centre’s name was even coined from the inspiring vistas of the surrounding hills. Our vision is to optimise the use of our 14.47 Ha property, harnessing the existing features to its full potential to the benefit of the residents and day workers at Horizon House.


To create a safe environment and in doing so, unlock the full potential of the available space. This will allow:

  • our residents to fully benefit from the environment, enabled through the vehicle of an Ecotherapy program – including (but not limited to) horticultural therapy, conservation activities, physical exercise in a natural environment, environmental care and maintenance, nature meditation, animal assisted therapy, with an emphasis on creating and developing a healing and a welcoming place for all.
  • further development of the infrastructure to cater for a wider variety of disabled people.
  • ability to create funding opportunities by hosting new fundraising events on our property, without interfering with the centre’s daily activities.
  • that the centre welcome other disabled and elderly persons from the community.

Security Fencing – Watercourse

The 3 Ha area under the dam next to Huis Horison’s grounds, has been classified by Cape Nature as a “Watercourse” and is of critical importance for supporting the functioning of Protected Areas and Critical Biodiversity Areas. The end of the project promises to be a wonderful, educational, and proud nature experience in the middle of our neighbourhood, but we need your help.

‘Wetland fencing’ – from dam to Devon Valley rd
Distance: ± 850m. R1 900 000

You can help! Sponsor a meter of Fencing

Donate via GivenGain

Footpath / Trail

The expanse of the property allows for the creation of a footpath for persons of different mobility levels to access and enjoy the natural settings. The trail will be designed for persons with special needs and include a wheelchair accessible route as well as a tactile and olfactory route for visually impaired people.

With the full route totaling a length of up to 5km, residents and day workers will be able to use it to exercise and experience the outdoors. It could also be utilized for fundraising and activities involving the broader community.

By involving local artists and placing outdoor artworks/installations at various resting points along the route, which would be strategically placed and incorporating the views and surrounding environment as part of a meditative journey, the art can be accessible to these disabled persons.

Such a trail, with all these features, will make it accessible to other disabled persons and aged persons in the surrounding community.

The first part of the trail (phase 1 and 2 of the “forest path” -157m)  has been created. The next step is for this path to be paved.

  • Phase 1 (65m) Paving – R59 150
  • Phase 2 (110m) Paving – R100 100

(Spec: Autumn Clay Pavers (50mm thick) with rustic colour border on 50 mm thick sub-base layer)



Spirituality plays in an important part in our holistic approach to care, to contribute to a more meaningful existence. In difficult times, simple rituals can soothe, calm and create reassurance. We aim to create a space where the daily pressures of achievement and performance can be balanced out, by encouraging a sense of consciousness and tranquility/serenity.

(Size 180m2 = approximately 150pax)


Wetland Restoration

In addition to the existing property, Horizon House has been granted the use of the adjacent wetland area of approximately 25 000m2, so that it may be conserved and put to good use: Enclosing it with security fencing, building of a boardwalk with a bird viewpoint, restoring and protecting the trees and indigenous plant life, and removing alien vegetation.

Actions: To remove alien vegetation,  removal/chipping of green waste, restoration of indigenous plants/trees. Path layout and construction of boardwalk.

Agricultural Store

We need to erect a freestanding store for the tools and equipment used in the landscaping and agricultural programmes.


Pool Fencing

The existing pool is one of the central features at the centre, and the a source of recreation and social activity. The pool is also used for structured activity and group exercise sessions. The pool needs a new fence with new access gates as the existing fencing is old and rusting and needs to be replaced.


Central Kitchen Expansion & Upgrade

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and it is no different at Horizon House. The central kitchen provides for all the nutrition and catering needs of the centre and this is where all the residents and day workers enjoy their daily meals.

With the expansion of the centre, we require seating space for an additional 30 people and expand the dining room with approx 36m2.

Also, as the kitchen is used daily, it needs modernisation and improvement to boost capacity:

  • Expansion of the kitchen by 30m2
  • Modernising of kitchen (structure and finishes)
  • To replace existing kitchen equipment

Central Lapa

A central lapa would serve as a meeting space where residents can get together and socialise, adding to the creation of a normalised environment where everyone can feel part of family and home. Residents from all the different units can integrate and share the enjoyment of sitting around the fire and partaking in down-to-earth pleasures such as braaiing marshmallows, or listening to music or stories.

Small Residential Units

Positioned on the north-western corner of the property will consist of a cluster of small residential units, designed for people with special needs. Not all individuals function optimally in group or in crowded or noisy spaces, therefore separate living units are ideal to cater for their needs. Movement between these units and the main centre can be on foot, with an Eco therapeutic approach.

Special Care Unit

Horizon House has established itself over 46 years, which also means that a group of our residents are ageing, and the demand for psychiatric and frail care is growing. Persons with an intellectual disability generally reach dementia at an earlier than normal age. Our aim is to develop a unit where they can be supported and provided with special care, in partnership with other institution/s.

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