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Support our work areas

We have a range of products that are all unique and handmade in our work areas. Shop local, and buy something unique. You can also donate good quality 2nd hand goods that are still in working order that we can re-use, upcycle or sell.

More ways to help

Buy our products

The products from our workrooms are available for purchase and are usually on display at our annual fête.

They can also be purchased through the course of the year, when the workrooms are open, usually on weekdays 09:00 – 16:00. To be sure, kindly give us a call before you arrive or to make an appointment.

All items are HAND-MADE and UNIQUE. We can also make items to order.

Read more about the workrooms:

We repair furniture

Please ask us for a quote for the restoration and furniture repairs.

We also sell hand-made garden and patio furniture and can make items to order.

Woodwork department: Weekdays 09:00 – 16:00.

For enquiries please contact Francois Burrows (021) 887 5080 or

Donate goods

Spring cleaning? Moving? If you have unwanted items that are still in good order, consider donating these to be put to good use, sold, or up-cycled.

Our various work areas always have a use for various items and accept the donation of the following:

  • Books – any and all books in any condition
  • Fabric and needlework items, especially Sample Books
  • Good quality wood and woodworking tools
  • Furniture
  • Appliances: Fridge, heaters.
  • Clothing** (especially closed shoes size 8-11)
  • Bric-and-Brac – useful items are sold at our fête
  • Old newspapers, books and magazines for recycling
  • Toiletries
  • Curtain Rails

**Please ensure that these are clean, in working order, and free from pests.

Please Note: Unfortunately we cannot accept broken items, faulty electronic devices or appliances. If you are unsure whether you can donate items, please call ahead of time to confirm.

Please report to reception when making a goods donation. Kindly fill in a donation form so that we can thank you!


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