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WHAT IS CASUAL DAY? An all-inclusive and equitable society where the human rights of all are upheld and protected

Casual Day is the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)’s flagship awareness and fundraising project. Casual Day is a widely celebrated national campaign that occurs annually in South Africa, this year on Friday 3 September. The public’s contribution of R20.00 for a Casual Day sticker entitles them to express their individual interpretation of the yearly theme through their outfits, showing their support for the full inclusion and equity of persons with disabilities. Please click here to read more.

Casual Day Theme 2021: Courage & Kindness

Inspired by Disney’s newly-announced The Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration, which champions the qualities embodied in our theme COURAGE & KINDNESS, we launch Casual Day 2021 with huge excitement. We are kicking off as early as June this year, to give everyone enough time to prepare for the best Casual Day ever on the 3rd September 2021. We, hereby request you to not only have the Courage to assist people in need by buying your own sticker; but to also help us open doors to the Kindness of all South Africans to participate in large numbers. Click here to read more.


Support Horizon House by getting involved by:

  • Buy Casual Day stickers at Horizon House for R20
  • Dress according to the theme on September 3, 2021
  • For each sticker, you buy Horizon House get R9
  • Make a donation to House Horizon and have a fun-filled Civvies day.

This year there will also be a “lucky draw”. For every 10 stickers you buy, you get one automatic entry. The more you buy the better your chances of walking away with the price.

Prize consists of:

  • 6 Delicious variety of bottles of wines
  • 1kg Wilds dry sausage
  • 1kg Wilds biltong
  • House Horizon bakery hamper

Contact Jennilee Pierce at | 021 887 5080 OR Click here to download the order form.

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